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The political portrait of some members of Trump's cabinet

The inscription of Donald Trump on the American flag LogoArrow President-elect's plans for energy development are broad and ambitious. His strategy "America First" is intended to promote domestic production of fossil fuel and to support the growing natural gas industry. Trump is eager to give coal production a second life, to create jobs and reduce funds allocated to fight against climate change as well. However, the desire of his party to weaken the regulation of mining operations may stumble upon the resistance of environmental organizations and public dissatisfaction with environmental pollution.

Trump nominated Rick Perry for the Secretary of Energy. He was the Governor of the oil Texas state and held this post longer than any of his predecessors. In 2016 he criticized Trump but later moved to his team. In 2012 the Department of Energy was among agencies that Perry was going to withdraw beyond the government. Having close ties with large firms from the mining industry, Perry stands for further fossil fuel exploration and drilling of new wells.

Betsy DeVos is nominated for the Secretary of Education. She is the donor of Republican Party. Thanks to her efforts, a year later the American public education system can be changed beyond recognition since DeVos is fully capable to revise its basic principles. It is possible that these attempts will encounter mass protest movement, as thousands of students in Boston, Portland, New York and elsewhere have already opposed Trump coming to White House, and Boston students condemned nomination of DeVos.

Steven Mnuchin is nominated for Secretary of the Treasury. For nearly two decades he has been working for Goldman Sachs. Now he is Co-chairman and CEO of Dune Capital Management company. Mnuchin produced movies "The rules do not apply", "The Lego Movie", "Suicide Squad", "American Sniper". Mnuchin amassed billions during mortgage turmoil of 2008. In 2009, while the market crash was going on, he led the process of bankrupt IndyMac bank acquisition. Steven Mnuchin is going to cut taxes significantly.

The attorney general of Oklahoma Scott Pruitt is nominated to become the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator. Pruitt does not agree with supposing that human activities contribute to climate warming, and does not take seriously the science of climatology. Like Perry Pruitt strongly supports the idea to give a new life for the mining industry. LogoArrow

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