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Do not trust the psychic

Haunted house

Going to the psychic is a serious matter, requiring special moral and material preparation. The information obtained depends on the choice and on the behavior with it. If you get to the charlatan and the inventor, then the result will be zero. The safest thing is to look for him by acquaintance. It is best to ask those friends who have been to him. There are still punctures with friends, but this is a separate story. Once my life has developed so, that simply intervention was necessary from the outside. I urgently needed to find out the answer to the question, and this answer could only be obtained with the help of higher powers, because neither I nor the person on whom my fate depended could give an answer. I was in such despair that even extreme measures seemed acceptable to me.

I decided to let the spirits tell me what to do next. One of my friends was engaged in spiritualism. According to rumors, she consulted with spirits on the most insignificant occasion of the type of what color lipstick suits her more. I always laughed at her apartment, littered with different, in my opinion, junk in the form of sticks-stink, live candles and mysterious amulets. When I went to her home, I looked with some interest at all the sights, but of course I did not attach much importance to all this. Sometimes a friend even took offense at me and prophesied the interference of spirits in my destiny. But before I went to my friend, I looked through some materials on this fact and conducted a survey of acquaintances on the topic of magic in their life.

For the first time in my life, I discovered for myself that so many people are fond of the unearthly and they are all incredibly superstitious. Trifles for me, signs like a black cat, running across the road, played a vital role in their life. I could not even imagine that adults are succumbing to their own fears. Naturally, they all sincerely believed in the power of psychic mages and periodically visited the latter. Even my parents, whom I considered to be the most intelligent people in the world, and they convinced me that fortune-tellers and grandmother conspirators can cure of any diseases that modern doctors can not.

It was parents who advised one psychic, whom they themselves repeatedly checked. A lot of "true" stories were applied to the psychic. For example, he taught to guess the Bible according to one couple. Before them was the important task of choosing a profession. He was offered a profitable and promising job with high pay, but abroad, and she had the same here and it was very difficult to choose. They turned to the "spiritual" doctor for help and got advice to say the Bible, and that is, get the head of the house at night in a secluded place, so that no one can see and open the Bible on any page, there will be an answer to the question, and then do as the Lord indicated. The superstitious couple has listened only in the first variant.

The head of the house really got into the bathroom late at night, asked a question and opened the Bible on a random page, but she was told not to go abroad, but to stay at home, and this was not liked by the ambitious master. He did not do the right thing, he packed up his family and flew to Germany on an airplane. Then the story ends very grimly --- all members of the family crashed in a plane crash. I admit that this story impressed me. It was a little scary, but the need made me take risks. Moreover, I was really going to listen to the psychic and do as he said.

Choosing a day off and asking where he lives, I went, taking with me a lot of money, because I knew how much they value their work such people. He lived far away, in some kind of seedy, completely mysterious district, and I expected to see a dense park and a hut on chicken legs. A small five-story building of the old model has already collapsed and, apparently, was already ready for demolition. On the bench next to the entrance indicated to me sat the classic old women and clicked the sunflower seeds. Nearby children were jumping, probably their grandchildren. I went into the shabby porch and then almost choked in the dank and heavy air, climbed on foot, because the elevator was not in sight, on the last floor and stopped in front of a huge door, upholstered in an expensive tree.

Having pressed the bell, I enjoyed the sounds of some aria for a long time and finally went into the apartment. The door was opened by a little girl who, despite her age, had such an important face that I wanted to draw my head in my shoulders and quietly go unnoticed. I was taken to a large, beautifully furnished room and offered to wait for the "master." There was no other way out. While waiting, I looked around the place where I got. The situation cost the owner no less than a hundred thousand dollars. But another thing was surprising - why such a wealthy person lives in such an old house? This remains a mystery to me. When a quiet voice came close to me, like the hiss of a snake, I flinched, because I had already forgotten who I had come to.

Turning, I was scared even more - in front of me stood a huge and majestic old man with cat eyes. He asked me why I came. A long and serious conversation began. Only then did I understand why the psychics talk teeth to clients before the session. All this is done in order to lull the man's vigilance, and then easily deceive him. At first the questions about my family and husband, and about the place of work did not arouse my suspicion, but then I seemed to wake up. Further all has flown on a whirl. After listening to my problem, the old man put me at the table, took my hands in his and began to cast spells. Of course, I did not understand anything, but I listened attentively. Then I suddenly wanted to sleep, and suddenly I felt that I was turning off. I woke up on the bench near the entrance, among the old ladies. Looking at my fingers, I did not see the rings there. There was no point in coming back and I understood this well. I do not go to psychics anymore. When people talk to me about the help of external forces, I prefer to remain silent. And I do not listen to my relatives anymore. Let them go to the cat-serpent old man and leave his jewelry, I will not yield to the temptation. It is better to drown in problems.

Yakhan Izyan

Fortune tellerFortune teller

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A rich woman and a poor woman

ProsperityGUM department store

Often we hear laudatory ode in honor of the West and its advantages. Only they talk about what a horn of plenty and how good it is there. Say, and women are more beautiful there, and men are more enterprising, and children are smarter and do not behave so ugly. Not everyone, of course, thinks so, there are also those who spit towards Europe, seeing nothing good either in its inhabitants or in the way of their life. In fact, everything is much simpler. You just need to remember the classical formula "it's good where we do not exist" and do not envy, and do not seek to "go there." We have everything. True, sometimes we still lack something. Feelings of tact and good breeding, for example.

Even in the capital there are many people who do not know how to be elementary polite. They say that in the western countries there are fewer. We give two examples for comparison. Two of my friends always liked to travel and, despite the modest teacher's salary, allowed themselves to travel and make at least a trip per year. They told me two interesting stories. So, Moscow. Fur boutique. A pair of provincial women appeared, looking around fearfully and looking at their reflections in the huge illuminated mirrors, and they began to feel timidly the smart fur.

They felt like peasants who had fallen into the palace. Out of habit. Women began to check the quality, naslyunyaviv fur. Suddenly one of them ran into a tall and impregnable, like a rock, a saleswoman. She was thin and angry, she glared at the shriveled customer with her icy eyes and contemptuously demanded not to touch the fur, adding: "I do not think your fingers are reasonably clean." The poor teacher was frightened and until the very end she tried not even to breathe on the goods.

Suddenly, another visitor came in. Her appearance inspired pity and sympathy. To say that she was poorly dressed is to say nothing. Pure beggar - this would be the most correct definition. Squeezing the reticule of about seventies in her hands, she quietly and concentratedly went to the department of the cheapest products and began to poke her pointed spout into short and long fur coats, jackets and collars. The saleswoman nearly choked with such impudence, immediately two more same podiums joined her, and, having surrounded almost a beggar, tried to expose her.

She looked at them in an offended manner, then she turned sharply and went to the most expensive department, chose the most expensive mantle and put it near the cash register, then opened an old reticule and pulled out ... a bundle of dollars. The saleswomen jumped up like a thoroughbred terrier, rushed to immediately eviscerate the reserves, realizing that before them was one of those "crazy" rich people who "fuck with fat." And the "rich" thought and suddenly took the money, and left. Young saleswomen paid for poor service.

The second example clearly shows how much Western attitude towards the client is different from ours. The same teachers went to Germany, and the final stage of their trip was, naturally, a shopping trip. History was repeated. So, Switzerland, Zurich, a fur boutique. Women, remembering the sad experience of Moscow, hesitated for a long time, but nevertheless entered. They were met by a young and very polite consultant and spoke to them in English. Teachers were amazed when he laid out in front of them soft and shiny skins. Politely and attentively, the boy explained which furs have advantages, both in quality and in price.

The buyers decided, at least to measure, for lack of money. They measured for two hours, walked in front of the mirrors and admired themselves, and then, satisfied, left, leaving the best wishes in the book of wishes. But the most amazing was later. Two months later they received a letter from ... the director of the same store in Switzerland, in which he sincerely apologized for the fact that the clients did not choose anything. He reported that the consultant was fired, and he will never have more vacancies for him in the whole of Zurich. Also, they were offered discounts for all products and a proposal to pay for a new arrival.

Surprise my friends there was no limit. They, as honest workers, were touched and wrote an answer, in which they were tearfully asked not to do so cruelly to their employees and not to fire them on such an insignificant occasion. And they promised to come again, only in a few years. And then the teachers decided to check again to visit the Moscow boutique and found the same models there, only with completely different faces. Now their service was not inferior to anything in the West. So now you do not have to go to Germany.

Yakhan Izyan

Cosmetics storeCosmetics store

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