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Are the red orbs in the night sky patrolling probes from other planets or an unknown plasmoid life form? LogoArrow I first encountered this amazing and clearly not natural phenomenon about ten years ago. Leaving the house in the early evening at about six o'clock and getting on the bike, I headed out of the courtyard towards the street passing by. Looking in her direction, I was surprised. Directly above the avenue running across it, at a height of about a hundred meters, a red, dimly glowing ball hung. He slowly moved towards me, which was clearly visible even at a distance of 300-400 meters, which separated me from him. Keeping a close eye on this object, and without actually taking my eyes off it, I slowly drove towards it.

After about half a minute, he suddenly went out and disappeared from sight. It seemed that this desire of a small but well-visible UFO, which is commonly called the energy sphere, to prove itself was exhausted. However, after just a couple of tens of seconds, this entity re-lit up almost there, having shifted about fifty meters. The crimson ball seemed to show that he had not gone anywhere and was ready again to arrange a presentation of both himself and his anomalous physical properties and abilities in terms of earthly concepts.

Formation movement and the same maneuvering

In other words, it disappeared into nowhere and lit up out of nowhere. Lost from sight, he disappeared along with his physical carrier, if he had one at all. And once again appearing, the ball appeared as if from nothingness, as if it had jumped into space from another dimension. Having pleased with its smooth, unhurried flight for about twenty meters, the ball went out again, this time having already disappeared irrevocably.

Sometimes fiery heavenly guests descend almost to the very earth,
allowing you to see them from a short distance without showing aggression

My next significant encounter with this mysterious phenomenon took place about the same place, when I was walking not far from my house. It was very late in the evening, around midnight. Standing not far from the transformer booth, I looked up and was stunned. At an altitude of about 400 meters, two brightly glowing red balls were smoothly approaching it. They moved completely silently, without spinning, without hesitation and without making any jerks. The impression was that they knew exactly where to fly, and clearly followed the set plan.

Without even trying to hide their presence, which at such a late hour was not noticeable to anyone, they in an even formation, one after the other, slowly flew to the place where I stood. After that, the first ball turned smoothly to the right about thirty degrees and continued its way somewhere in the direction of the roadway. The second ball exactly repeated this maneuver at the same point, which of course could not but cause surprise.

Obviously reasonable behavior

If it were natural plasmoids like ball lightning, they would probably move without any coordination, and obeying high-altitude air currents, some internal electrical processes and the desire to discharge through a tree, ground through a boiler pipe, and finally just explode. However, neither the tall poplars, nor the huge iron pipe of the boiler room three or four five-story buildings high attracted the attention of the energy spheres. They soared high above the trees and the school building, and then turned again somewhere in the void.

Celestial balloons hit the news after appearing over Oahu in the Hawaiian archipelago

The fact that the second red ball made exactly the same turn in the same place, and also continued its path after the first, allows us to assert that these were objects controlled and directed by an unknown mind. Just as slowly, the balls gradually disappeared from sight behind the tall poplars, and surely random belated passers-by or people who went out for a walk before going to bed could follow the further trajectory of these midnight guests from another world.

Once again I saw such a ball, again late in the evening, after about ten, again walking near the house. This time, the red energy sphere flew quite close, slowly rising obliquely towards the five-story building. She clearly saw that this obstacle appeared in her path, and calmly overcame it at an angle of forty degrees, intending to jump the five-story building right above the roof.

Plasma orb flew to see the New Year fireworks

This ball was quite large, up to half a meter in diameter, emitted a bright red glow, did not sprinkle sparks, did not hiss, did not rush from side to side. He flew clearly in a straight line and, as if sensing my presence, even seemed to try to explain his maneuver. “Here, you have to rise a little, so that you can examine me during this time,” he seemed to say, perfectly understanding that I saw him perfectly. This entire meeting lasted about ten seconds, and, hovering over the roof, the sphere immediately disappeared behind it.

Red orbs tend to fade away quickly and without a trace,
and then light up again in almost the same place

Unknown red energy entities appeared more than once, and always closer to midnight. Once an object of this type paid a visit to a residential area on New Year's Eve, as if to study fireworks and find out the reasons for the unprecedentedly violent activity of the population at such a late hour. The "New Year" orb flew slightly, then hovered, and its appearance was confirmed by another observer, who also came out onto the balcony during the holiday. He suggested that it was a drone, but not a single drone glows with its entire fuselage, and even so brightly. On top of that, he cannot move completely silently, suddenly hover in place and then rush further, without even moving or swaying.

Almost all the energy spheres I saw were red, one was orange, and one, soaring high in the sky, was bright yellow. Without exception, they all appeared in a completely clear evening or night sky, when there were not only signs of a thunderstorm, but even small clouds. Apparently, these objects just prefer to fly under a completely cloudless sky, as if being guided by the stars and therefore constantly needing their one hundred percent presence in the black firmament.

"Galactic patrols" around Rio de Janeiro

It turned out that I was, to put it mildly, not the only witness to the appearance of the mysterious red balls. The question about their nature was quickly found on the popular aggregator of everyday knowledge and wisdom, where several commentators who wished to give answers willingly and confidently explained that it was nothing more than a "galapatrol". Simply put, some unknown force is sending its probes from the Milky Way galaxy here, so that they conduct reconnaissance of the area and transmit the collected information to the "Center". A certain commentator even claimed that in her area the glowing balls appear exactly at the same time, and up to a minute, which allowed her to regularly observe them.

It turns out that the balls of the "galactic patrol" can appear even during the day,
absolutely not hiding from numerous observers.
It is possible that this is due to the implementation of some urgent intelligence missions

Even more surprised by YouTube, which turned out to be actually clogged with video with these balls, filmed in different countries both from the ground and through the window of a high-rise building. The "red orbs", as the foreigners called them, behaved in the video exactly the same as those that I saw. They appeared one at a time and in groups, moved or hovered, always hovered silently, and did not even think of grounding themselves through poles and wires like ball lightning. In contrast, the orbs suddenly extinguished and re-ignited, staged strange dances, clearly demonstrated the rationality and awareness of their maneuvers.

Not so long ago, from episodic appearances, disappearances, light dances and hovering, they switched to active group actions. On May 12, 2020, over the Brazilian town of Rais da Serra, about fifty kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, a whole link of unidentified flying objects appeared, very similar to those that I had ever seen. The visit took place, as usual, late in the evening, perhaps specifically so that the glow of the orbs would have a more impressive effect. This time there were about a dozen of them, and they clearly attracted the attention of the public, blinking intensely. The Brazilians were quick to react and turned on the video cameras of their smartphones.

Rocket fire from the ground and geometric orb rebuilding in the night sky

The appearance in mid-May 2020 of "galactic patrols" over
Brazilian city caused serious commotion there

After midnight, some objects stopped blinking. When one of the orbs captured by the camera is magnified on the computer display, its concentric structure, formed by a wide ring and a circle framed by it, is clearly visible. Between these two figures there is like a transparent gap through which the connecting straps pass. Early the next morning, part of the flotilla began to hover over the city, while the orbs were extinguished and then re-ignited. At the same time, most of the balls hung motionless over the hill.

Unsurprisingly, on the morning of May 13, residents were told not to leave their homes through civil defense speakers. Soon, fire was opened on the heavenly guests from the ground. The video clearly shows how surface-to-air missiles are launched in the direction of the balls. The objects began to rush and began to rebuild intensively. There are pops-explosions and cries of agitated townspeople are heard. Further, dozens of helicopters and a military propeller plane, most likely of a reconnaissance type, rushed towards the scene of events. Internet and cellular communications were cut off in the city. At night, rocket fire resumed, and one balloon was knocked out. Emitting a host of sparks, he very smoothly descended and fell somewhere on the hill behind the local hospital.

After that, two dozen orbs staged a real manifestation in the night city sky. Having gathered over the hill behind the hospital, they defiantly lined up in a vertical line, a zigzag, a six-pointed star and a circle. Like the balls I met, the Brazilian aliens were extinguished right in motion, followed each other, were in no hurry to disappear from the sky, and seemed to enter into a silent conversation with the observers: "Here we are, - look how we can maneuver, we are definitely not unmanned aerial vehicles. and other silly, feeble flying things like Chinese lanterns that you stubbornly try to pass us off as."

Brazilian videos show that the geometric rearrangements of the red balls were accompanied by loud blaring of police sirens. Perhaps the panic was caused by fears that the orbs decided to send down retribution for the downed brother by the army. One of the witnesses of this space invasion managed to photograph the downed object even before the military cordoned off the crash site. It turned out to be something like a spherical aircraft. There were no propellers or wings on its body. It is rather difficult to judge the size of an alien drone, since there is practically nothing to compare it with in the photograph.

Not so much a ball as a cube with convex faces

So, the Brazilian glowing drone appears to be just a ball. However, those orbs that could be found in YouTube earlier looked more like cubic structures close up. Not so long ago, such flying objects decided to "get to know better" and therefore soared in close proximity to people who showed a natural interest in them. As a result, a video appeared on YouTube where a man cheerfully plays with this red entity, moving his hand over it, and it hangs near the ground, slightly rising and falling following the movements of the "new friend".

Apparently, the red balls are able to noticeably change
their temperature depending on the current task.
It seems that an unknown source of energy allows them to heat up quickly and strongly

At the same time, the man and his friends filming the video fearlessly and joyfully exchange their impressions, clearly enjoying communication with this phenomenon. On the survey made then almost close to the orb, it was clear that in reality he was not so much a ball as a cube with convex rounded edges. The corners of the cube were also clearly visible, in which the sidewalls protruding with smooth arcs were connected.

Alas, after a while, this video was most likely deleted, since today it is no longer possible to find it. A small search for information on the Web showed that these orbs in France are called death balls, since after they appear at someone's house, someone living in it often dies or perishes. Discussion of these balls in the English-speaking subgroup of Discus "Mad Mad World" made it possible to find out that in the USA mysterious orbs sometimes descend to sinful earth and kill homeless people living on the street, physically attacking them and burning them with their insides with their heat.

Instant response to human aggression

There were also stories that after someone's attempt to shoot the orb with a gun, several balls abruptly changed their plans for harmless dancing in the sky. They together went down to the road on which the shooter's car stood, and, accelerating to two hundred kilometers per hour, burst into it and immediately incinerated it, after which they retired. In connection with this observation, a commentary was cited, from which it followed that the shooter still got off very easily, since, along with the machine, these entities could easily burn him himself.

Ball lightning, created by a thunderstorm plasmoid, behaves quite differently than
a "galactic patrol", and its lifetime is incomparably shorter

The visit of the balls of death ended much worse for one quite healthy and far from old Frenchman. Orbs appeared near his house, circled there and flew away, which did not disturb those who saw them. After all, no one lived in that house for whom there was a real danger of imminent death. However, right on the same or the next day, a misfortune happened to the young master of the house, when he was riding either in a carriage, or on horseback. After falling to the ground at full speed, he broke his limbs, received other serious injuries and quickly died.

All of these stories lead to the conclusion that jokes with mysterious "galactic patrols", "alien probes", "death balls", "space inspectors" and "sky scouts" can end very badly. That is why, when meeting them, you should not throw stones at them, let alone shoot them with a gun. Most often, they calmly fly their own way, allow themselves to be filmed on camera and do not even deviate from the trajectory known to them alone. You should also not call them to play, as on that remote video, because the "mood" and intentions of these phenomena, apparently, can change quickly and unpredictably.

Better to leave the balls of death alone

Let them continue to fly on their unknown deeds, go out and light up, blink and rebuild. Perhaps, the commentator on the "Brazilian" video is right, who, in a changed voice, explains that these are just drones of an extraterrestrial civilization that outstripped humanity by millions of years in its development. They really look like smart robots sent out for reconnaissance.

This means that their creators and owners simply do not want to enter into any contact with people, but prefer to follow them from afar. And if suddenly the elder brothers in reason decide that the "ants" -earths did crawl out of the Stone Age, then they themselves will come here in order to get acquainted and establish diplomatic ties between planets, dimensions, parallel worlds or universes. LogoArrow

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